Have you ever wondered about your colleagues in the other cohorts? Are you curious about their research topics? We hope this information will bring cohorts closer and encourage exchanges between students in the program.

Name: Rania Al DweikRania Al Dweik
Cohort: 2012 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Sanni Yaya
Project Title & Research:
Impact of Ontario Generic Drug Legislation on Statins Utilization
This study will explore the impact of Ontario’s new generic drug legislation on statins utilization, the impact of Ontario’s new generic drug legislation on the physicians prescribing practices, and the impact of Ontario’s new generic drug legislation on pharmacists dispensing practices.

Name: Reed BeallReed Beall
Cohort: 2012 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Amir Attaran
Project Title & Research:
Pharmaceutical Innovation, Trade, and Access in an Era of Global Population Aging
Interests: Policy, theory, ethics, social epidemiology, population aging, pharmaceuticals, urbanization and healthy cities
LinkedIn: Reed Beall

Name: Rosanne BlanchetRosanne Blanchet
Cohort: 2012 – PhD Population Health
Supervisors: Isabelle Giroux et Dia Sanou
Project Title & Research:
Acculturation, statut linguistique et santé nutritionnelle des enfants immigrants noirs d’âge scolaire.
En plus de la santé des populations, mes intérêts de recherche sont la nutrition, la transition alimentaire, l’acculturation. Je m’intéresse particulièrement aux populations immigrantes, infantiles, vivant en minorité linguistique ainsi qu’aux populations autochtones et Inuites.
Interests: Voyage, vélo de route, plein air
Contact:; 613-562-5800 ext7574
LinkedIn: Rosanne Blanchet

Name: Rodrigue Innocent Deuboué TchialeuPhoto-Rodrigue
Cohort: 2012 – Population Health
Supervisors: Sanni Yaya & Ronald Labonté
Project Title & Research:
Health Systems Readiness to Manage the Hypertension Epidemic in the primary health care facilities in the Western Cape, South Africa.
Interests: Academic: global health, health systems, health services, access to medicines, clinical trials. Non-academic: travelling, swimming, volleyball, refereeing volleyball, tennis, business, volunteering.
Contact:, 780-716-3879 (cell)
LinkedIn: Rodrigue Deuboue

Name: Yannick FortinYannick Fortin
Cohort: 2012 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Daniel Krewski
Project Title & Research:
Pediatric Pharmacovigilance: The Use and Safety of Antiepileptic Drugs in Children.
My research interests center on the pharmacoepidemiology of antiepileptic drugs. This includes drug utilization patterns, drug effectiveness & safety studies, health policy and, systematic reviews. In addition, I frequently participate in research projects on health human resources and medical education.
Interests: Brewing, Food, Volley-ball, Snowboarding, Finance & Investing
Contact:; 613-261-8713
LinkedIn: Yannick Fortin

Name: Patricia LarkinPatricia Larkin
Cohort: 2012 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Daniel Krewski
Project Title & Research:
Development of an Integrated Risk Management Framework for Carbon Capture and Storage
Interests: climate change, water resources, living in the country

Name: Myuri ManogaranMyuri Manogaran
Cohort: 2012 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Ivy L. Bourgeault
Project Title & Research:
My research focuses on the role of interprofessional collaboration in the discharge planning process on the neonatal intensive care unit. Her study will identify and examine discharge planning for the following settings: a) from the NICU to another unit within the same pediatric hospital; b) from the NICU to another hospital; and c) from the NICU to home. The study will also examine the role of IPC, the patient’s family, and community health resources to identify barriers or facilitators for IPC in the discharge planning process across settings.
Interests: Academic: Health human resources, health policy, interprofessional collaboration, discharge planning
Non-academic: Travelling, reading, spending time with family and friends

Name: Naomi TschirhartNaomi Tschirhart
Cohort: 2012 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Angel Foster
Project Title & Research:
Tuberculosis Surveillance and Treatment among Refugee, Migrant and Cross-border Populations in Tak province, Thailand. This thesis seeks to identify the key challenges to accessing TB and TB/HIV treatment among migrant, refugee and cross border populations and to examine the responsiveness of both the surveillance system and community and non-governmental healthcare providers to these challenges.
Interests: infectious disease, mobile populations (migrant/refugee),gender, policy analysis, program evaluation and property rights.

Name: Birama Apho LyBirama Apho LY
Cohort: 2011 – PhD Population Health
Supervisors: Ronald Labonté and Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
Project Title & Research:
Déterminants de l’utilisation de la télémédecine au Sénégal
Interests: Télémédecine, Migration des professionnels de la santé, données manquantes, information sanitaire
Contact:, phone (+1 819 921 1880)
LinkedIn: Birama Apho Ly

Name: James CrispoJames Crispo
Cohort: 2011 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Daniel Krewski
Project Title & Research:
Active Pharmacovigilance and Parkinson’s Disease: Investigating Pharmaceutical Use and Cardiovascular Risks
My research aims to thoroughly describe the Parkinson’s disease patient population and their use of anti-Parkinson pharmaceuticals. Further, using information from electronic health records, I wish to increase our understanding of the associations between anti-Parkinson pharmaceuticals and cardiovascular adverse events (eg. cardiovascular disease, valvular heart disease, myocardial infarction, hypertension, hypotension, tachycardia, stroke, cardiovascular death, etc.).
Interests: Travel, outdoor sports, health risk assessments, indigenous issues/research, electronic health records
LinkedIn: James Crispo

Name: Said Ahmad Maisam NajafizadaSaid Ahmad Maisam Najafizada
Cohort: 2011 – PhD Population Health
Supervisors: Ivy Bourgeault and Ron Labonte
Project Title & Research:
An evaluation of Community Health Worker Program in Afghanistan in relations to improving maternal health.
Interests: Human Resources for Health, Global Health, Maternal and Child Health, Process Evaluation
LinkedIn: Maisam Najafizada
Facebook: Maisam Najafizada

Nom: Catherine de PierrepontCatherine de Pierrepont
Cohorte: 2011 – Doctorat en Santé des Populations
Superviseure: Viola Polomeno
Titre du projet et recherche: Évaluation multidimensionnelle de l’expérience sexopérinatale des couples parentaux francophones en milieu minoritaire de la région d’Ottawa et de l’Est de l’Ontario
Intérêts: sexualité, périnatalité, sexopérinatalité

Name: Ricardo BatistaRicardo Batista
Cohort: 2010 – PhD Population Health
Supervisors: Kevin Pottie and Peter Tugwell
Project Title & Research:
As part of the national’s Primary Care Reform initiatives, in 2003 Ontario introduced the patient enrolment system in primary care practices which formalizes a continuing relationship between the physician and the patient. Since then the enrollment in these practices have grown steadily and that is considered a major achievement for the reforms of the primary care system in providing timely access to continuous and comprehensive primary health care. However to date precise information regarding the levels of enrollment of new immigrants in family care is not available. My goal is to determine the degree of enrollment of recent immigrants in family care practices in Ontario and identify the main factors that prevents or discourage them to access and connect with the primary health system. I will use a mixed methods approach, and the project consist of three components; a) a critical review of conceptual models of primary health care of migrant populations; b) a secondary analysis of linked databases from multiple sources; and c) a series of interviews with recent immigrants to explore their perceptions and attitudes regarding barriers and facilitators accessing and connecting to family care services.
Interests: academic: measurement of health inequalities, health care of vulnerable populations, immigrants; & non-academic: history, music and nature

Name: Catherine Chesnay Catherine-Chesnay
Cohort: 2010 – PhD Population Health
Supervisors: Bastien Quirion and Sylvie Frigon
Project Title & Research:
Doing Health in Prison: Participatory Action Research with Women who Have Experienced Incarceration in a Provincial Prison
Interests: participatory research, qualitative research methods and methodologies, gender and equity, social determinants of health, marginalization and social exclusion, feminisms, community health…

Name: Michelle DeveauMichelle Deveau
Cohort: 2010 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Daniel Krewski
Project Title & Research:
Exploration of contextual influences on the incorporation of increasingly data-informed approaches in environmental health and occupational exposure limits for chemicals
Interests: Academic: human health risk assessment, environmental health, environmental and occupational exposure limits. Non-academic: running, travelling, reading, eating.
LinkedIn: Michelle Deveau

Name: Flora NassrallahFlora Nassrallah
Cohort: 2010 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Christian Giguère
Project Title & Research:
Measurement of occupational sound exposure from communication headsets


Name: Esther Susanna ShoemakerEsther Susanna Shoemaker
Cohort: 2009 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
Project Title & Research:
Childbirth Decision Making: Influences on Rates of Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section (VBAC)
Interests: maternal and child health, health policy, mixed methods research, epigenetics, social neuroscience


Name: Rana Annous Rana
Cohort: 2014-2018
Supervision: Hélène Laperrière
Project Title and research:
Considérer la promotion populaire de la santé orale.
Research interests: promotion de la santé, iniquités en santé orale; éducation populaire; francophones en situation minoritaire; méthodologies de recherche.

Name: David Buetti
 2014 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Nicolas Moreau (uOttawa) & Simon Corneau (UQÀM)
Project Title & Research:
Masculinités, image corporelle et santé mentale : interventions expérimentales et politiques sociales en santé des populations.
Interests: David s’intéresse à la conceptualisation et l’évaluation d’interventions touchant la diversité sexuelle et de genre. Plus globalement, il s’intéresse à la réduction des iniquités de santé mentale chez les populations opprimées et marginalisées en société. (David is interested in reducing mental health inequities among oppressed and marginalized groups in society, especially those related to sexual and gender diversity.)
LinkedIn: David Buetti

Name: Salomé AubertDSC00504
Cohort: 2015- PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Mark Tremblay 

Project Title & Research:
International and inter-cultural childhood physical activity comparison for the promotion of healthy active living among children in countries around the world
Interests: The aim of my dissertation research is to utilize international and cross-cultural comparisons of childhood physical activity patterns from countries across levels of development to identify specific determinants of childhood physical activity in a given population, to inform novel strategies to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviours. Where evidence supports it, conventional developed world strategies will be challenged for the promotion of healthy active living among children in high-income countries, while lessons learned from high-income countries will be conveyed to low- and middle-income countries.
LinkedIn: Salomé Aubert 

Name: Natalie Dimitra MontgomeryNDM 1 2016
Cohort: 2015- PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Jenepher Lennox Terrion, Department of Communication

Project Title & Research:
Perceptions of individualized peer support and social coping needs of women undergoing in-vitro fertilization treatment
Interests: Academic: health promotion of stigmatized health experiences, women’s infertility, mental health literacy, group dynamics, health communication. Personal: fitness, tennis, reading, cooking, community service.ome countries.


Name: Tanya HewittTanya Hewitt (2)
Cohort: 2011-2015 Population Health
Supervisor: Samia Chreim
Project Title & Research:
Hospital Based Views and Practices on Safety – An Exploratory Comparative Study of Departments, Professionals and Patients Highlighting Voluntary Incident Reporting
Interests: keywords (academic & non-academic) safety science, accident causation, patient safety, children’s activities, volunteering
Contact:, 613-878-3163 (cell)
LinkedIn: Tanya Hewitt
Facebook: Tanya Hewitt

Name: Kefah Ali Alqawasmeh
April 2013 – Population Health Risk Assessment and Management Graduate Diploma
Project Title & Research:
Risk from Natural Health Products used for weight reduction
In most of the weight loss NHPs multiple components are present, often more than 10 ingredients per product. Unfortunately the majority of weight-loss supplements have not been clearly demonstrated to be either effective or safe and serious adverse events have been reported. Additionally, the possibility of interactions between the multiple components in weight-loss supplements or with concurrently taken medications is an added concern. Even if individual components of a weight-loss product are demonstrated to be safe, the combination of them might not be. Examples of high risk ingredients are: Ephedrine/Ephedra that Health Canada banned its’ sale in 2004 due to life-threatening cardiac adverse effects. Synephrine (bitter orange) is another example that Health Canada limits daily intake of synephrine to 30 mg, and prohibits products containing both synephrine and caffeine due to serious adverse cardiovascular reactions.
Interests: Adverse drug reaction, pharmacovigilance, obesity, natural health products.
LinkedIn: Kefah Ali Alqawasmeh

Name: Karine Duval
Graduated: 21-05-2013 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Éric Doucet
Project Title & Research:
Déterminants physiologiques et comportementaux du poids corporel chez la femme
Interests: obésité, gestion du poids corporel, habitudes de vie, fertilité, grossesse, amélioration des soins de santé
Contact:; 819-346-1110 poste 18343

Name: Hasu GhoshHasu Ghosh
Graduated: May 14th 2013 – PhD Population Health
Supervisors: Denise Spitzer and James Gomes
Project Title & Research:
Diversity, Disparity and Diabetes: Voices of Urban First Nations and Métis People, Health Service Providers and Policy Makers
By combining the concepts of the social determinants of health and intersectional approaches, narrative analysis of the primary data revealed that diversities in socio-economic, cultural, legal and spatial contexts determine First Nations and Métis people’s life choices and have a strong bearing on their health outcomes. Both First Nations and Métis community members and professionals indicated that preventive programming aimed at avoiding or managing diabetes should be grounded in balancing and restoring the positive aspects of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and should also balance their diverse needs, lived realities, and social circumstances. Overall, the results of this study indicated the need for a comprehensive diabetes prevention strategy that should target the social determinants of health specific to urban First Nations and Métis people and must build on community strengths.
Interests: Research and teaching in population health and public health issues, health services and policy research, urban population and public health. Loves gardening, reading, volunteering at Aboriginal organizations, and spending quality time with her children.
LinkedIn: Hasu Ghosh

Name: R. Edjoc
Graduated: 2012 – PhD Population Health
Supervisor: Robert Reid
Project Title & Research:
Smoking and Cerebrovascular Disease: A three phase research program. I examined the process and benefits of smoking cessation in smokers with cerebrovascular disease through a comprehensive research program. This program examined effective interventions, important clinical outcomes and predictors of smoking cessation.

Name: Reem El SherifReem El Sherif
Graduated: April 2013 – Population Health Risk Assessment and Management Graduate Diploma
Project Title & Research:
Cardiovascular disease in polycystic ovarian syndrome, STI’s in pregnancy, Folic acid food fortification, female genital mutilation
Interests: women’s health, family medicine, preventative medicine
LinkedIn: Reem El Sherif

Name: Mirella Veras Mirella Veras
Graduated: July 2013 – PhD Population Health
Supervisors: Peter Tugwell and co-supervisor Kevin Pottie
Project Title & Research:
Global Health Competencies for Family Physician Residents, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Students: A Province-Wide
Academic Interests: Global health, interprofessional collaboration, primary health care, rehabilitation, health services reseach, knowledge translation, disability policy.
Non-academic Interests: biking, walking,poetry, dance, cooking, swimming and cats.
LinkedIn: Mirella Veras

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